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Crédit photo : Feldenkrais France

Feldenkrais® is a method of somatic education based on the body biomechanics and psychomotor development of the human being.

It works directly on the link between our brain and our musculoskeletal structure by means of specific micro-movement sequences that gradually improve the relationship between our sensations and our motor skills and lead to modify our daily life functions and the relationship with our environment : posture, sports, creativity, artistic expression, etc.

This allows to :


  • Reduce tiredness, pain and unnecessary tension

  • Improve balance 

  • Increase flexibility 

  • Find more vitality and serenity

  • Develop attention and presence

Through a regular practice, we manage to let go of the habits that limit us and gradually begin to develop a broader global attitude, in harmony with our actions. We become more stable, more flexible and better balanced both physically and emotionally. Our choice of movements increases, our breath deepens and widens and we start feeling at ease with ourselves.

This pedagogy of movement is inspired by knowledge in:

  • Physics : notion of weight, speed, gravitational force, energy distribution

  • Judo : notion of indirect approach, initiation of movements from the pelvis, and use of minimum force to reach maximum efficiency

  • Behavioral psychology : psychomotor development, working on reflexes in response to fear 

  • Neuroscience : stimulating the nervous system and balancing its different branches 

For whom : 

  • For people of all ages who want to relieve their pain and limitations caused by work or an over-sedentary lifestyle 

  • Athletes, to help them improve their gestures while reducing the micro-traumatic risks

  • To artists who wish to develop their creative potential 

  • For anyone who wishes to become aware of his or her full potential in order to be able to acquire and to live it

The teaching is given individually or collectively, the two practices being complementary to each other:

Awareness through movement ® - Groupe classes

Every week, lying down on the floor or sitting up on a chair, in all kinds of different positions we are exploring various patterns of movement in order to become aware of all the possible choices and numerous possibilities of actions. Gradually they will integrate becoming a second nature and reflecting during our daily life activities.

The classes are built around various themes, such as:


  • Relieving one's neck and shoulders

  • Mobilising the pelvis and softening the lumbar spine

  • Getting to know one's hips joints

  • Improving the breathing

  • Transition from one position to another with ease and grace

  • Working on coordination and balance

No particular physical condition is required, nor any age limit, since we always start from the state in which we find ourselves at the moment, having our unique bodily organisation. There is consequently no objective, nor any obligation of success, since everyone is developing his own individual organization through the classes. That is why, young or old people can perfectly cohabit within the same class as there are no "levels" per se.


Functional integration ® - Private sessions

It is a sensorimotor learning by touch developed according to your specific needs and helping you to learn, to improve and to integrate in one-to-one sessions.

Available only for the students enrolled in weekly group classes or participating in monthly work shops.​



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